Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chicken @ Kenny Rogers

Chicken @ Kenny Rogers


isp101 said...
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isp101 said...

Nice shot, it makes me hungry at this late hour! I remember the 1st time I ate in KENNY ROGERS, that was actually almost 10yrs ago, it was really unforgettable... I really enjoyed the food and the side dishes, my only complain is; I've noticed that their side dishes became smaller and smaller... I wouldn't mind paying for more, since i love their macaroni and cheese, as well as the young corn and mushroom. I guess, they are trying very hard to make it much affordable for the masses. I'm now ending up two orders of side dishes, instead of one, hehehe! Nice site you have here, Dexter! God bless! =)

Deexter | said...

Ha ha ha, thanks photography is one of my fashion, I ussually put my photos on this blog, this might not be make money online site, but it is great to share the photos i have taken.. Thanks for the visit..

It reminds me of updating this blog :)

Dave Josef said...

Playgroup Singapore photography :) <3 i have a friend working at the kenny rogers. nice shot :) my stomach is craving x)


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